Dessert Party + Coffee Condiments in Deviled Egg Dish!

Dessert Party + Coffee Condiments in Deviled Egg Dish!

Have a Dessert Party Dessert party

Inexpensive and time efficient, a holiday dessert party fits in with anyone’s busy December party plans. Everyone always has time to make one more last stop for something sweet.

Dessert Party Menudessert party

A dessert party is less expensive because of food cost, less drinking, and people don’t stay as long.   Trifles are a great dessert as they can be made ahead of time, serve a crowd, and make a wonderful presentation.  Two of my favorite trifle are the  Red Velvet Berry Trifle and Chocolate Peanut Butter Trifle

dessert party

You can use some of my fun seasonal recipes like my Chocolate Truffles Dipped in White Chocolate.  You can watch me prepare the truffles and give tips about a dessert party on my Holly’s Holiday Countdown segment.  featured on WBRZ

A cheese display is always nice garnished with red and green grapes.  I ALWAYS include my Glazed Pecan Brie    dessert party

Decorations can be budget friendly by taking advantage of glitz and glitter using gold ornament balls of different sizes, cream colored assorted arranged candles and gold napkins, netting, and accessories.

Dessert Party with Coffee Bar-Deviled Egg Dish will Steal the Show

dessert party

What to drink–have a coffee bar with flavored coffees (include decaffeinated) and for the coffee condiments, grab a deviled egg dish and fill each hole with raw brown sugar, colored sugar, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, whipped cream and whatever hits your imagination.  Have fun using whatever you want to fill your dish as it is so much fun.  You can put whipped cream or some candy coffee beans in the center.  Also, offer champagne in a flute with berries for a signature cocktail.

dessert party

Another Coffee Condiment deviled egg dish for Dessert Party

Dessert party

Short Cuts for Your Dessert Party

  • Make-ahead and freeze what you can as most desserts freeze.
  • Use small, clear plastic plates for easy clean-up.
  • Use attractive, more formal seasonal cocktail napkins.
  • Use candles to set the mood as an inexpensive decorative touch.
  • Fill vase with cranberries and pick up flower bouquet to insert in vase.
  • Order from your favorite bakery to supplement what you make.

My blog focus this month is on healthier, easy, Christmas and holiday recipes and my website has everyday dinner recipes to get you through the holidays!


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