Daily Dinners

 Daily Dinners with my Healthy Easy Recipes

The Daily Dinners category can be your meal solution. Are you in a cooking rut? Let me help you out with my easy healthy Daily Dinner recipes. You can count on recipes being around 10 ingredients.  They are easy-to-prepare recipes and delicious!  I decided to include a Daily Dinner Category because sometimes you just want some dinner ideas. You don’t know if  you want meat, chicken, fish or vegetarian. This category includes all types of recipes. You can always look up each category individually to satisy your choice. Most importantly, all the recipes are easy.  You probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry.  Don’t be bored wtih cooking anymore.
Daily Dinners with Easy Salsa Chicken recipe

Daily Dinners Made in 30 Minutes!

All my cookbooks contain healthy easy recipes.  All your favorites foods are in my cookbooks.  The books includes southern food favorites and tons of ethnic recipes.  I include diabetic recipes.  Most importantly, you can make a quick meal. I have the recipe for you!

Daily Dinners glazed salmon

Glazed Salmon

Glazed Salmon One of my Most Popular Daily Dinners

Have you ever prepared salmon? I probably wouldn’t normally feature a salmon recipe but this Glazed Salmon recipe is SO POPULAR.  The salmon recipe has over 400,000 views on YouTube and everyone raves about it. I decided to share it with you on my healthy food blog because salmon intimidates people. Hopefully, this salmon recipe will inspire you to try it.  I promise you will make it over and over. Home cooking is so much better for you.  Hopefully, my heatlhy easy recipes will inspire you in the kitchen. Start cooking trim and terrific with me.

Here’s some more of my favorite Daily Dinner recipes: