Diabetes and Eating Healthy

I started my Trim & Terrific™ series because of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle and good health. I could make a real difference in the way people with diabetes managed their daily meal plans. I vividly recall my grandmother meticulously measuring out food portions, having to stick to a strict eating regime, and giving herself shots.  She had to deprive herself of many of her favorite foods and eat differently than the rest of us.  Fortunately, we now know that there is no magic diabetes “diet” that people with diabetes have to stick to.  In fact, we all need to eat the same way to stay healthy and feel great: choose low-fat dairy products and meats; watch portion sizes; include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains; and enjoy desserts in moderation.

MY Trim & Terrific Cookbooks Have a “D” to indicate diabetic recipes

My  Diabetic Cookbook with the American Diabetes Association focuses on healthier recipes with wonderful flavor, meaning you don’t have to eat plain baked chicken and salad every night!  In KITCHEN 101 I have a “D” to indicate diabetic recipes.  There’s so many diabetic recipes in this simple cookbook.  In Eating Well To Fight Arthritis, I also have a “D” to indicate diabetic recipes.  There are so many diabetic recipes in my arthritis cookbook, it makes a great diabetic book also.

I think my easy, everyday approach to cooking will help you get delicious meals on the table quickly using pantry-friendly ingredients—many times in less than 30 minutes. You’ll cook the same tasty, healthy foods that appeal to everyone in your family. I’m passionate about cooking and food; therefore, you can feel confident that each recipe in this book tastes sensational as well as provides great nutrition. My simple-to-prepare recipes come with complete nutritional information so you easily fit them into any eating plan.

I don’t have diabetes myself, but from watching my grandmother I understand how important delicious, healthy eating is to people with diabetes. I’m proud to bring you the Trim & TerrificDiabetic Cookbook so everyone in your family will be able to enjoy eating fabulous-tasting foods, stay healthy, and—of course—be Trim & Terrific™!

More Recipes you’ll swear are too good to be diabetic-friendly!