This category features Favorite Recipes

The featured recipes will be seasonal recipes and sometime just popular recipes I want to share with you.  If you are a new cook, too busy to cook or in a cooking rut, the featured recipes are a guaranteed favorite to try on your family.  What would I feature a recipe that wasn’t soooooo good!

Featured Recipes highlight my different cookbooks

Eating Well to Fight Arthritis cookbook provides everyday recipes and practical tips that help ease arthritic symptoms and fight inflammation. Clegg worked closely with the Arthritis Association of Louisiana to research the correlation between food and arthritis to provide recipes that help alleviate arthritic symptoms, such as joint inflammation, fatigue and nausea. This book also includes Gluten-free and Diabetic-friendly recipes.

Eating Well through Cancer cookbook focuses on practical recipes designed specifically for people undergoing cancer treatment. This unique book is divided into chapters such as Day of Chemo, Neutropenia, Sore Mouth, Caregivers& that include recipes, suggestions, tips…plus more, that are best tolerated and ease the side effects during treatment and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle after treatment. Recipes include nutritional information.

Individuals managing diabetes will love Holly Cleggs trim&TERRIFIC® Diabetic Cooking published with the American Diabetes Association. These recipes trim fat, carbs, sodium, and calories while still providing you with your everyday favorites from Southwestern Lasagna to Peanut Butter Cookies. This book has become the kitchen bible for people who want to control their diabetes, enjoy food, and live a healthy life.

KITCHEN 101 has a D to indicate diabetic-friendly recipes within guidelines of the ADA for those that want a healthier option in a mainstream cookbook.

Weight management is on everyones list for becoming more healthy and energetic in daily life. Cooking and eating from the trim&TERRIFIC® series including KITCHEN 101, Gulf Coast Favorites and Too Hot in the Kitchen helps individuals get the nutrition they need and reduce the cravings which sabotage healthy eating. Weight loss has been a beneift with these cookbooks; also great for those on Weight Watchers.