Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp Recipe – Healthy New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp

Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp recipe

Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp Recipe to the Rescue

Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp recipe is my healthy and easy version of this New Orleans BBQ shrimp recipe favorite.  Not only is this an easy New Orleans BBQ shrimp recipe, but it’s perfect when you’re too tired to cook!  Probably one of my favorite Louisiana easy seafood recipes, my Louisiana BBQ  Shrimp is simple and you’re eating healthy!  I flew in last night after being gone 10 days. The refrigerator was empty but I craved homemade food and was tired of eating out.  I immediately went to my “go to” shrimp recipe when I need an easy meal. And I always crave a Louisiana seafood recipe. I keep shrimp on hand in my freezer to whip up this delicious healthy Cajun recipe.     Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp recipe

Go Healthier with My Louisiana New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Recipe

I promise my barbecue shrimp recipe will be just as good as those rich, heavy dishes you order at the New Orleans restaurants.

With a few tweaks but all the flavors, you can now enjoy my Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp recipe from Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook in your own home. Besides, my BBQ Shrimp version is trim & terrific so you won’t feel so stuffed. And cooking the recipe yourself will be more affordable.  I love to serve my BBQ Shrimp over pasta to take advantage of the scrumptious sauce.

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Recipes Has Most Scrumptious Sauce So You Need Bread to Soak it Up!

Don’t forget to pick up a French bread to soak up the sauce. O you can even try it with my awesome easy crescent roll recipes like this Pull Apart Bread from KITCHEN 101 cookbook– yum!!  Truly, if you’ve never made my Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp recipe, you will quickly become the star of the kitchen without much effort.  A true Rush Hour Recipe!!!!

 Louisiana barbecue shrimp with Pull Apart Bread

Because both the Louisiana New Orleans BBQ Shrimp recipe and Pull Apart bread recipes are so good I keep  them  permanently on my website. So, here’s the recipe for Barbecue Shrimp from my Gulf Coast Favorites cookbook-which includes all your Louisiana and southern favorites!!


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