Red, White and Blue Recipes

Healthy Red, White and Blue Recipes – Healthy Patriotic Recipes

I like to celebrate holidays with food!  Red, white and blue recipes make the perfect patriotic celebration so that’s why I included them on my healthy food blog. My healthy red, white and blue recipes are just healthy easy recipes and you probably already have the ingredients.  Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day are fun days with special meaning.  My healthy patriotic recipes make perfect party celebrations or family meals. Of course, all my recipes are perfect for the beginner cook or the busy cook. So, have fun cooking and you will find the recipes in all my cookbooks!

red, white and blue recipes

Red, White And Blue Recipes Include Lots of Fruits

I am about eating healthy and simplifying your kitchen life.  So, what’s great about red, white and blue recipes is most of them include fruit!  We need to eat more fruit in our diet and what a fun way to do so!

Patriotic Recipes

I have also included healthy easy recipes to celebrate that Patriotic day! How can you not have potato salad or burgers on Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day?  So, some of these recipes might not be the right color but they are ideal of the patriotic celebration! Remember, all my recipes are trim and terrific so dig in and enjoy the food. I have great dips to my favorites to share with you.