Sausages = Contentment?

I’ve written one post and already my readers- by which I mean my friends and relatives- have written to demand that I make a correction.

What have I done? What could an article about horseradish do to provoke anyone’s ire?

It turns out that this was the offending thought: “Wherever I go on this globe, as long as there are native sausages, fresh cooked bread, and some form of dumplings, I can be quite content.”

These were some of the responses I received: “I’ve been to Europe with you. I don’t remember you being content eating sausages.” And, this from another reader, “I’ve been married to you for over 30 years and I don’t remember you being content.”

The commenters have a point, albeit an exaggerated one. I know myself, and I KNOW that I have savored those sausages and devoured those dumplings. Contentment was assuredly mine! For a few minutes.

Later, my low- end brain would resume its dominance over my taste buds. If the sausages were the highlight of my day, and if I had spent $500.00 to be in Germany that day, then my “cheap sausages” were setting me back, oh about $495.00 more than they would have back home.

The next day I dried to drown my dismay with dumplings, but the doubts zurückgegeben. That’s right: I get so into my travels that they returned, in German, umlaut and all.

Eventually, I realized that there’s no place like home. Back home, with Holly’s KITCHEN 101 cookbook in hand, I tried her recipe for Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya from the Crock Pot Convenience Chapter–a meal that cooks while I’m at work is right up my alley.

You know what? I think my/Holly’s dish may have tasted better than Berlin’s best, and I know I saved tons of calories and lots of Euros/dollars. Sitting with my beer, not my bier, for a moment, I felt a Louisianan version of contentment.

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