Brunch is My Favorite Meal of the Day

Mexican Breakfast Bake Brunch

Brunch is a great meal to have people over for several reasons. Whether you are cooking for a few or have a house full of guests coming over, brunch is a great way to entertain. No matter the occasion, you can spice up your weekend mornings or have a lovely party.  My mouth-watering recipes are ideal on beautiful spring days or for a jazz brunch.  You can adapt this morning meal to the occasion. One convenience of a brunch menu is that a fork is often the only utensil your guests will need!  I also like to serve buffet style with an assortment of choices.  Pick up some fruit to round out the menu.  Try serving smoothies in shot glasses for a fun starter.

My Mexican Breakfast Bake is the perfect blend of savory brunch flavors.

I love to make this dish ahead of time, mixing the ingredients together the night before to quick and easily pop in the oven when you wake up! This might be one of my go to brunch recipes as it can be prepared the night before.  Also, this recipe is absolutely delicious! With tortillas, egg whites, and southwestern seasoning, your morning meal is good food. See, you can enjoy eating healthy with me any time of the day.

Delcious Easy Quick Bread Recipes and Muffins

I think I have some of the best quick breads recipes ever.  You will have to check out my Lemon Berry Bread that is made with Bisquick.  Well, the list goes on but the good thing is they are all on my healthy food blog.  Remember, all my healthy easy recipes have the nutritional ind diabetic information.

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