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Seafood Recipes Really Are my Specialty

Seafood recipes are my specialty because living in Louisiana.  What makes that so special? Well,  I have such wonderful access to fresh fish, shrimp, crabmeat and crawfish.  So, of course, In this category you will find healthy easy recipes featuring fish, shrimp, crabmeat and crawfish recipes.  Seafood is a great option and we really should include it more in healthy cooking.  You are in the right place as I have SO MANY delicious seafood  recipes.

Gulf Coast Favorites Cookbook Features 30 Minute Seafood Recipes

I think this Louisiana cookbook highlights fish, shrimp, crabmeat and especially crawfish, but all my cookbooks include wonderful, simple seafood recipes.

Meatless Options

Looking for delicious meatless meals?  You can always enjoy fresh fish which is available at markets and grocery stores.  I am spoiled as I get it fresh from the Gulf.  In fact, I have a friend that loves to fish and helps keep my freezer full. Everyone should have a friend like that!  Of course, I also have someone that brings me ice chests of fresh shrimp which is perfect for my simple, amazing BBQ Shrimp recipe.  I won’t even order it out as my healthy BBQ Shrimp recipe is so good and better for you.

Here’s some of my favorite recipes for eating healthy on my healthy food blog!