My Easy Healthy Cookbooks Guide You in the Kitchen

My cookbooks are different! I believe in healthy easy recipes, one-stop shopping, and time-efficient cooking and I use everyday ingredients! I test all my own recipes and then I know the food will turn out great! All the food photos were shot in my kitchen and the photos are of  “REAL” food. We prepare the food, photograph it, and then eat the food! Aren’t I lucky! I have written lots of cookbooks and best of all, I have sold over 1 million cookbooks!!!  My books simplify your kitchen and I know everyone is busy. I give you healthy easy recipes. You don’t have to change what you eat because I give you healthier versions of all your favorite food. All my cookbooks include familar recipes and everyday ingredients. Best of all, you cook trim and terrific recipes and Chicken and Dumplings and White Chocolate Cheesecake are on the menu.

From Health Focused To Practical

My Eating Well series contains my more health-focused cookbooks on cancer, diabetes and arthritis. My trim & terrific cookbook series guides you to everyday healthy cooking. I believe in eating healthy and I give you the kitchen tools.  Also, I include kitchen basics and I hope that gives you kitchen confidence.  I inspire homecooking. Eating healthy is important and I guide you through a healthy kitchen. No intimidation and use my cookbooks as your cooking inspiration.

The Proof is in the Tasting

There’s an assortment of recipes on my healthy food blog and that gives you a sampling from all my cookbooks. The proof is in the tasting. I passionately share my recipes with you to make a difference in your life. Whatever your favorite recipe is, I bet it’s in one of my cookbooks. Best of all, the recipe will be easy and healthy! Now, let’s get to the kitchen and start cooking! Here’s a list of all my cookbooks and decide which book is for you. All the recipes are easy and made with everyday ingredients.  Some books focus on specific conditions but the recipes still feed the whole family.

My Cookbooks

Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC KITCHEN 101:  Secrets To Cooking Confidence 

Holly Clegg’s Too Hot in the Kitchen:  Secrets To Sizzle At Any Age  200 Simple and Sassy Recipes

Holly Clegg trim&TERRIFIC Gulf Coast Favorites

Holly Clegg’s trim&TERRIFIC Eating Well to Fight Arthritis

Holly Clegg trim&TERRIFIC Diabetic Cooking with American Diabetes Association

Eating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes and Tips To Guide You Through Treatment and Cancer Prevention 

Alimentándose bien durante el cáncer: Recetas fáciles y recomendaciones durante y después del tratamiento