Southwestern Sweet Potato Salad – 3 PointsPlus

    My Top Weight Watchers Recipes with 5 Points Plus or Less!

    Did you know that all of my Trim and Terrific recipes have nutrition facts and diabetic … [Read More...]

    Crisp Summer Salad

    Corn salad recipe with fresh corn on the cob-#1 summer salad

    Best Corn Salad Recipe to use Fresh Corn If you only use corn on the cob just to eat, you … [Read More...]

    Berry Good Cookie Cake s

    Cookie Cake with Berries on big oatmeal cookie

    Cookie Cake with luscious fresh berries best recipe Looking for a great dessert taking … [Read More...]

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    Cooking with Cancer

    Gingerbread muffins...

    Gingerbread Muffins

    Gingerbread Muffins Make Great Snack Light and fluffy, this muffin has all of the flavor … [Read More...]

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    Chicken Fajita Pizza

    Costco Top 7 Healthy Ingredients for Diabetic Cooking

    Costco Perfect to Stock your Pantry Recently I had the opportunity to shop at Costco … [Read More...]

    Fabulous Flank Steak3542

    My Flank Steak Marinade Makes the BBQ!

    The Secret is in the Marinade Everyone has their own grilling technique but when it comes … [Read More...]


    Mac and Cheese One Dish Recipe with no boiling pasta

    Mac and cheese is one of the ultimate classic comfort foods. Mac and cheese is always a … [Read More...]


    Low Down from Low-End Larry


    Raclette Dining-Low End Larry’s Immigration Crisis

    Immigration Crisis? Have half of you stopped reading already? Isn’t it enough work to … [Read More...]

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