Acrylic Make Up Organizer -What a wonderful gift!!!!

Acrylic Make Up Organizer -What a wonderful gift!!!!

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Great Make Up Organizer

What to do with all my make up?  I seem to always be digging in my drawers for some of my make up from eye shadow to whatever. I really wanted something to organize all the make up!  I was so excited this morning when a BIG box arrived at my house and inside was a Make Up Organizer from Lee who works for me.  She knew I wanted something to keep all my make up in and we even looked together online.  It was one of those things that I couldn’t make up my mind, didn’t know which to get, and really wanted a good quality make up organizer.  So, what happened is I forgot about it and got busy with work.

make up organizer for

Love this Make Up Organizer for several reasons

Of course, Lee never forgets anything and knows me so well. She got me a really good quality and big one so I definitely will have enough room for everything.  This one is a little pricey (but I got it for a gift) but I like the fact there are five drawers and the top lifts up so I can also put bottles up there!  Now, I know once I put all my make up in the organizer I am sure it won’t look quite as organized.  However, I  will now be able to see and find whatever I am looking.  Best of all I have lots of room to buy MORE make-up!

make up organizer by Whitmor on Amazon
I am thinking of getting this little beauty box to put on the top shelf to hold my make up brushes.  This one is only $4.99 and they have the exact same product on Amazon for $26.00  so this beauty box is what I will get!

 Acrylic Flower Cosmetic & Makeup Brush Holder, 12 Spaces by Sodynee  I’m also thinking about Weiai Clear Acrylic Brush Holder Box Storage Holder


make up organizer to hold brushesmake up organizer for make up brushes

Well, here’s a picture of mine filled up and I told you it wouldn’t be as neat but I can find EVERYTHING!! Thumbs up!!

make up organizer holds Nars eyeshadow

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