Brie Appetizer Recipes – Amazing Summer Simple Tropical Baked Brie

Brie Appetizer recipes with Pina Coloda Baked Brie

Simple Baked Brie Recipes Make Velvety Rich Quick Cheese Appetizers

Brie appetizer recipes make perfect simple baked Brie last minute appetizers.  There’s so many recipes to use Brie cheese. One of my favorites is my Pina Colada recipe from my cookbook, Too Hot in the Kitchen. Of course, I love Pina Coladas and you know how coconut is one of my favorite ingredients. Pineapple, coconut and brown sugar, all the components of this tropical favorite drink, combine with creamy cheese.  Your outcome is an awesome 5 ingredient appetizer that is absolutely DIVINE and melt in your mouth delicious!

Candied Pecan Brie is Another One of my Favorite Brie Appetizer Recipes

Actually, it is a toss up which of these two baked brie recipes I like the best. They are both quick to whip up, impressive and a bite of decadence.  However, I seem to think more of my Pina Coloda Baked Brie in the warmer times and the Candied Pecan Brie from KITCHEN 101 cookbook more during the holiday time of year. However, I make both recipes all the time and all year long!

Candied Pecan Brie is one of my favorite Brie appetizer recipes

Brie Appetizer Recipes For Different Size Groups

What’s great about making this dish is you can purchase Brie cheese in different sizes. Honestly, I think I have literally made this simple recipe from a cheese wedge to a huge gigantic wheel for a party.  Best of all, just adapt the recipe ingredients to the size of the cheese.

Make Ahead Baked Brie Cheese Appetizer

Sometimes I want to cross an appetizer off my menu to-do list so I make it ahead of time. Try to remember to take the cheese out of the refrigerator to get it to room temperature.  You can definitely cut off the rind, split the cheese in half, and drain the pineapple.  Also, be sure to toast your pecans and coconut.  I usually make extra of the topping because I find myself snacking on it. Then, you can quickly assemble the recipe and pop it in the oven; however, I have even warmed it in the microwave.  So, either way to heat it up is fine for your Pina Coloda Baked Brie.

Piña Colada Baked Brie from Too Hot in the Kitchen cookbook

Incredible!!! Think of velvety rich Brie paired with Piña Colada ingredients for a fabulous mouth-watering tropical paradise for one of my favorite Brie appetizer recipes.  Try serving with gingersnaps.

Makes 16-20 servings

1 (16-ounce) Brie
1 (8-ounce) can crushed pineapple, drained, divided
4 tablespoons light brown sugar, divided
3 tablespoons flaked coconut, divided
3 tablespoons chopped pecans

1. Preheat oven 325°F.
2. Carefully remove top rind of Brie, cut Brie in half. Place Brie bottom in oven-proof baking dish, cover with about two-thirds of pineapple, 2 tablespoons brown sugar and 1 tablespoon coconut.
3. Replace top and sprinkle with remaining 2 tablespoons brown sugar and pineapple. Bake 10-15 minutes or until brown sugar is melted.
4. Meanwhile, toast remaining 2 tablespoons coconut and pecans, careful not to burn. Sprinkle with toasted coconut and pecans.

Nutritional information per serving:  Calories 176 Calories from fat 34% Fat 7g Saturated Fat 2g Cholesterol 6mg Sodium 260mg Carbohydrate 27g Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 12g Protein 2g Dietary Exchanges: 2 other carbohydrate, 1 1/2 fat

You can watch how simple the Pina Coloda Baked Brie is to prepare!


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